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Are you searching for a dentist or dental professional in your area? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We are the fastest, easiest most convenient way to locate dentists, orthodontist, oral hygienist and anything else dental related. With thousands of dentists all across the United States, you’re sure to locate the qualified dental professional that you need. This free online dental search tool allows you to browse by state, city or even zip code. If there’s a certain dentist that you want to find, you can search by the dentist’s name or location.

Featured Dentists

Drs. Raymond Finnerty & Linda Wu DDS

1500 Wilson Blvd. Suite 500


Helms Mark D DDS

2621 West Main Street Suite 2


Bartlett Dental Office

988 South Bartlett Road


Allen Roger D DDS

525 Eastern Avenue


Swords- Philip G DMD

7 Lee Street


Knoll Mark Ms DDS

2655 Merrick Road


Eilers J T Dmd PC

5018 East Burnside Street


Bunn Eldon L DDS

8305 County Road 44


Waters Paul K Dds PC

1855 Piedmont Road Suite 102


Brite Dental

401 West Ferry Street


Urman Boris DDS

1149 Beacon Street


English Patrick M DMD

2685 Pelham Parkway


Armanini & Kolodychak L L P

4600 Zuck Road


Britesmile Professional Whitening Spa

18 West 57th Street


Berman Alan DDS

14 Roosevelt Avenue


Baguio Fedecio DDS

3624 West Division Street


Jacobson Larry S DDS

6675 Holmes Road Suite 690



Dr Ronald B Rose

530 Hartbrook Drive


Bryan Maria W DDS

150A Clinic Drive


Branham Thomas W DDS

3930 Sunnyside Road


Hibler Charles A DDS

5797 Library Road


Brown Martin J Dentist

332 Minnesota Street


Blaine R B DDS

301 North McKean Street


Theurer Michael Ms DDS

20406 Brian Way


Fadiani Faeze Orthdont

1087 Beacon Street


Voget Richard M DDS

509 Olive Way Suite 1238


Babb Lisa K DDS Ms

1465 North Davis Road


Indriolo Joseph DDS

206 Veterans Road


Ferrari Mark A D D S

1901 North Roselle Road


Pitegoff Alan DDS

1431 Route 208


Dental Health Associates L L P

312 East Main Street


Wollek Nelson A DDS

84 West Main Street


Shively H Martin DDS

3233 Valencia Avenue Suite B3


McRobert L M DDS

128 Vine Street


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You may be asking, "what is the best way to locate a great dental professional near you."? We know that locating the right dentists or dental experts can be difficult. However, we make it easy to by providing an online database of dentists and other dental professionals right at your fingertips. You’ll locate everything you need to get a beautiful and brilliant smile. Our listings contain the dentist’s office address, phone number, map, directions and more. What could be easier? Browse by dental category or specialty.

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Who needs a great dentist? You, me, everyone. You may be wondering "how do I locate the best dental office for me"? Why spend hours hunting through the phone book, or frustrating insurance provider directories. We've created a convenient way to search through thousands of dentists in just a mater of seconds. We’ve made it so fast and easy to locate the right dentist, so you can find the information you need and get on with your day. Help me find a dental office near me.

Why Your Dental Health is so Vital

Your teeth are an important an important part of you life and your oral health is a window to your overall health and well being. Besides helping us to eat, speak, laugh and smile, it’s important that your teeth and gums are free from infection, which can cause tooth decay (otherwise know as dental caries), inflammation of gums, bad breath and even tooth loss. Everyone’s mouth is full of bacteria — most of which are completely harmless. This bacteria is kept under control by normal daily oral health care like brushing and flossing.

Sometimes if you don’t do this “routine maintenance”, harmful bacteria can start to grow out of control. This can lead to oral infections, like tooth decay, gum disease and worst. This can break down your mouth’s normal protective barrier and allow harmful bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Rachel of Scottsdale, Arizona Says, "it was important to me to find dental office hear me. I knew that me and my family needed great care but I still needed an office location that was convenient for me. Me and my husband had a great dentist before we moved to scottsdale and it was hard to find a new one that really worked for me. That was until I tried this amazing websit. it was so easy for me to find exactly what I wanted".

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Obviously, good dental care is very important, but how do you find the right dentist to help achieve a brilliant, healthy smile? After all, the right dentist for you may not be the right dentist for me. DentistyResults.com makes it incredibly easy to find a great dentist, orthodontist or oral hygienist fast. Your search stops here at DentistyResults.com. Get started now. Search now.

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